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Show & Talk

my explorative tutorial series where I talk and show about my work in a series of virtual sessions.
Show & Talk
My first X-Space talk with Zetagravit, Photo Credits: Zetagravit

This is a part of hopefully some series of posts, podcasts or even lecture series where I’d like to share what I’ve learnt and learning.

When I began to delve deeper into space exploration from a technical perspective, I'll be honest: I did receive some help. However, there wasn't a single, comprehensive source of information where I could listen, observe, and engage in hands-on learning. I'm a strong proponent of non-linear learning, integrating concepts, theory, and practice to form new understandings—well, at least in parts of it. And I believe this approach has served me well—at least, I'd like to think so. Of course, there's always more to learn.

In the past months I’ve gained enough working knowledge in the topics that I have started my analyses on the current lunar missions and more.

Playlist of Orbital Simulations

When Zetagravit invited to me to talk over an X-Space about a month ago, I did come prepared and had several topics to talk about. However, given the nature of X-Space, it proved challenging to explain my points without visual help.

For those curious, here is my talk about the my explorations in the months following the Chandrayaan-3 landing, aptly titled 'Orbiting Perspective' - a summary of course.

After my recent presentation, I realized there's more I can offer beyond just speaking. Many, including Zetagravit, have asked me to create tutorials on how I create my simulations—an idea I hadn't explored until now. It's clear, though, that a basic understanding of the fundamentals is necessary to fully appreciate the data involved.

While I touched on this in my previous talk, I'm now considering a more interactive approach to delve deeper into these concepts. However, I was uncertain about the level of interest in such a focused session. To address this, I requested Zetagravit to conduct a poll to assess interest. The positive response has confirmed there's a keen audience ready to engage further.

So, yeah I am gonna start - say a slow start, call it more experimental? I'll still have to plan and organise and collect my thoughts on whats possible to present. I'm gonna be honest, I have't figured out all the details. I'll plan along as I am in the mid of travelling.

But, once I have more concrete details like Date, time and where to join - I'll coordinate with Zeta and write a blog post here first - if you want to keep yourself updated get subscribed its free and you'll be notified with the details and all my future posts.

If you don't like to be subscribed but still like to be notified, thats cool too - here's the form - send over to someone who you think will be interested too.