A Relative Elevation Model (REM) of the largest river flowing through Germany, Rhein. Credits: BKG/C.Tungathurthi


I'm Chandra / चंद्र / చంద్ర / ಚಂದ್ರ / চন্দ্র / tʃʌnðrɑ / =  Sanskrit for Moon 🌕

How to pronounce it correctly

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My Paid work

I currently work as a Technical Architect at a Consultancy firm in Germany and have worked in several areas including High-Performance Server design, Infrastructure Development and, generally fall under "T"-Shaped Software Engineer.

I currently work to build Techincal solutions for the problems my customers have using Generative AI solutions like GPT (OpenAI, Google, Anthropic, etc.,)

You can reach me on LinkedIn

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My Unpaid work

I don't like referring to the work I present here on this blog and elsewhere as my 'hobby' work—it feels as though I'm undervaluing it. Instead, I prefer to call it my 'unpaid' work. I invest the same level of effort, sometimes even more.

This Blog

This blog is an independent publication launched in March 2024. This blog is still in the setting up phase. Until then, you can read my previous blog unmaintained blog. You can also follow my updates at X where I am primarily active. For the latest and current thoughts and analysis - please check my X account.

I intend to use this blog to write better, and more long form of content here. I need some time to migrate all my previously written threads on X to here. All my previous threads on X are readable at ThreadReader.

Fresh content, delivered?

I try to keep up with current missions and post my updates, thoughts, and analyses. Based on my previous struggles with blogging, I don't promise to write every day or week however, I will try to write some posts once a week - Subscribe to get notified.