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Byte-sized Tutorials

This is a live page where I publish concise tutorials focused on Space exploration, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), lunar missions, and the associated tooling.
Byte-sized Tutorials

As previously communicated in my announcement, I had the opportunity to deliver the inaugural presentation in the "Show & Talk" series. The video, featuring a collaboration with @Zetagravit on YouTube, is currently in post-production. In this update, I will share brief excerpts from each installment in the series - explaining a quick topic.

Headphones 🎧 Due to recording gotchas - my audio wasn't recorded properly.

3D reconstruction of Sarabhai Crater using Chandrayaan-2 TMC2 Camera


A quick way to reconstruct Sarabhai Crater using Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC2) data of Chandrayaan-2 using QGIS

Post-landing image of Chandrayaan-3 featuring Vikram Lander


The Post-landing image of Chandrayaan-3 as captured by Chandrayaan-2 Orbital High-Resolution Camera (OHRC): the video shows a snippet of this image being post-processed in QGIS

Total lunar surface area mapped by ISRO with Chandrayaan-2.


All the area mapped by ISRO using Chandrayaan2 Orbiter - using Terrain Mapping Camera 2

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