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Exploring Lunar Data ft. ISRO

Exploring Lunar Data ft. ISRO
Photo by Prajwal Dwivedi / Unsplash

Following my earlier announcements, I am excited to introduce the inaugural session of my series. Admittedly, there has been a delay due to a busy schedule, but I assure you that additional posts are coming – soon.

I plan to finalize and share more content in the next few days. Based on feedback from X, I'll focus on working with ISRO's data as the first topic, which has garnered significant interest. Please refer to the series description for more details.

For those interested in joining, the session will be accessible via Google Meet for interactive participation.

Additionally, I intend to stream a mirror of my session live on X and on YT for broader access but this will not be interactive and I dont expect it to have audio. Please follow Zetagravit for direct video stream.

This session is designed to be interactive and BYOM (Bring Your Own Machine), encouraging active participation and questions. I will try to answer as much as I can.

Before the session, I recommend visiting the ISSDC portal to register and download QGIS and needed plugin, ensuring you are prepared. Links and further instructions will be also provided during the session, but early preparation is encouraged.

I look forward to connecting with everyone soon.