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To the Moon and Beyond

Moving this blog to a dedicated space
To the Moon and Beyond
Photo by Greg Rakozy / Unsplash

Over the recent weeks, I have given considerable thought to the direction I wish to take, particularly as I invest an increasing amount of time into what I've lovingly termed 'unpaid' work. It has become increasingly apparent that my passion lies in delving deeper into current lunar missions and forthcoming space explorations, focusing on conducting detailed analyses and sharing my findings whether on X or other platforms.

In reflecting on recent lunar missions, it has become evident that both publicly and privately funded agencies have demonstrated a concerning level of opacity in their communication. This reluctance to openly share information, coupled with instances where data has been intentionally withheld, undermines the collaborative spirit essential for the advancement of space exploration. This trend stifles the scientific community's ability to build upon these missions and diminishes public trust and engagement in space science.

I believe what I do matters, so I'm doing what is best possible for me to do - not only as a learning opportunity for me but also to share insights that may not be readily apparent. Therefore, I'm moving what I thought to be just a 'personal blog' to a dedicated space to blog about the activities and my research and analysis around the Moon exploration and naturally, the missions above and beyond.

This move from my blog, blog.tgrthi.me to a new domain, moonandbeyond.blog is intended to more accurately reflect the main focus of my work and make the purpose of this space clearer to my readers.